Notre Petit Artiste

Just had to share the beautiful abstract art that our 16 month old has been creating lately.  

We also have a couple cute stories we must tell. First, James is taking a voice class at the college in which he does voice warm-ups, and records his practices to help give him a better sense of what to work on. Well, Dean found the tape-recorder and started singing into it like he saw Daddy doing, and then proceeded to go around the house singing "tee-tay-toe-ta-too!" for the rest of the evening. We thought it was pretty priceless.

He also, lately, when we ask him if he's sleepy, will go right over to his toddler bed and wait to be tucked in. Can't complain about that!

As far as the rest of us, Brittany had an appointment this week for her glucose screening and RH shot. Luckily, her glucose levels were great, but her iron levels were pretty low. So, we added some chewable iron supplements (that taste like cherries) to her nightly vitamin regimen. We also got a voucher for a free date night at Fat Cats from her doctors and are excited to use it to help us celebrate Valentine's Day this year! Whoo-hoo! Riley seems to be doing just fine in there, and her heartbeat sounded good and strong, we're happy to report.

This weekend we're excited to cook up some yummy snacks and treats to enjoy an evening with our friends for Super Bowl Sunday. Brittany found this great recipe for Southwest Bean Dip and has been waiting for an occasion to try out her cousin Fawn's devil's food cake and rolo cookies, so it should be a lot of fun.

Hope you are all doing well and having a Happy February.


The James Anderson Family

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