Valentine's Day

We hope you all had a great Valentine's weekend! We sure did! We took advantage of the weekend and celebrated V-Day on Saturday, since it falls on a busy Monday this year.

As many of you may know, James and Brittany's first Valentine's Day together was celebrated by him coming to visit her up at school and taking her to the Valentine's Day Ball. She gave him a picture frame will 100 Reasons she loved him, and he sent her red Tulips. Well, this year we had another wonderful celebration in the same spirit as our first one together.

Brittany got a beautiful garnet maternity dress (on clearance) to wear, and James got some new dress shoes for $6 at Deseret Industries (that are high end and in great condition); so we decided to go dancing at the Center Stake Adult Valentine's Day dance. Brittany gave James a compilation of all the love notes we have written to each other, through Face Book messaging, since we started dating, and James came home with an arrangement of red Tulips for Brittany.

Thanks to Brittany's cousin Heather, who agreed to watch Dean, we were able to leave at 7. We were too early for the dance, that started at 8, so we went and shared a Cold Stone ice cream, and then went and danced for an hour and a half before going home. It was so nice: to dance together again, and to watch the dance groups perform, but most especially, to go out just us two on such a nice date! Brittany, being 7 months pregnant on Tuesday, wasn't able to swing it like she usually does, but it was still so much fun. Even the sunset was beautiful!

We had a lot of fun having dinner with Heather and listening to how things are going for her, and watching Dean eat his chocolate-covered animal crackers that were left on our doorstep from his lil' girlfriend Shayla in a Lion box. His first Valentine! They are so cute to do that. It was really a fun day and we are so thankful that we had so many awesome people around us to help us enjoy it so much.


The James Anderson Family


  1. What a nice Valentine's day! You guys are so cute and cool :D

  2. It was so unexpected and fun! Hope I did it justice! :)