More Handsome and a Little Lighter Too

We've started a Dad and son haircut tradition. Whenever Great-Clips coupons come in the mail, we go to Idaho Falls so James and Dean can get their haircuts together. It's always a traumatizing experience that leaves Dean ready to zonk-out once he gets back in his carseat, even with his precious lollipop treat. But by the time we get around to going to get haircuts for these two, they are in dire need of them!

Notice Exhibit A: Hair down to his eyes almost and too much to handle. Love how parts of it were always sticking-out funny after naps, car-rides, clothes-changes, playtime, etc. It was cute, but the time to move on had come.

The problem is that Brittany doesn't ever want to cut off his baby curls, and frankly, is scared of cutting his hair so short that he looks bald, or silly. How do you know what haircut will look good on a toddler? But as you can see we got it cut anyway, and the final results are pretty darn good looking. Thank goodness. Just look at these GQ photos! 

Like father, like son. Now they both look more handsome and a little lighter too. It's one of the small things that makes such a big difference.


The James Anderson Family

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