Family Fun and Movie Reviews

We think Dean has been enjoying our outtings lately.

Thursday night we went to Taco Time, just to get out. We let him run around and say "Hi!" to everyone--like he does everytime he sees someone new--we love it. Then we sat him in a high chair and got our usual lime and napkins, etc. Well, Brittany was trying to get him to smell her lime, when he took it and licked it. Of course, he made the silliest sour face, and we couldn't help laughing. Because we laughed, what does he do? Continues to lick the lime over and over and does his recently acquired "The Count laugh" after each lick. He had us laughing so loud, and this cute elderly couple a couple booths over were giggling right along with us.  Then we went home and turned on Finding Nemo, he was literally 2 inches from the TV saying "fishy!" and "wow...cool!" the whole time. That's the first time we've ever seen him like that with any movie. It was pretty cute, and of course it's a great movie. He's so entertaining!

Friday night we went for a free family date at Fat Cats. We had pizza and saw Gnomeo and Juliet. All we can say is, it was a good thing it was free! We weren't impressed with the film at all, even though there were a few funny moments, and couldn't figure out how it got rated G. However, the pizza, and being able to let Dean run around and play, we did enjoy. He got to ride with Kermit the Frog and smack some sharks, which won him 15 tickets to spend on a small piece of candy and a stretchy frog toy.

Then Saturday we had a ward party "Fiesta!" We made some apple crisp to share with everyone and it turned out pretty great. We sat with our home teachers and let Dean run around the whole time with the bigger kids. He had a blast! The ward pitched in for the meal: authentic tamales, nacho fixings, enchaladas, etc. and it sure was delicious! Plus they did two pinatas for all the kids to enjoy. It was a small crowd, compared to other ward gatherings, but we were glad we went after all.

We also saw two other movies this week through Netflix that we thought were pretty good if you want to check them out. Flipped, rated PG, is a cute movie that is really wise about how relationships work when you're in first grade through middle school. We enjoyed it a lot. And Alpha and Omega, also rated PG, got some bad reviews apparently, and wasn't spectacular, but we thought it was entertaining. It is an animated, wolf story about how traditions and obligations don't always mesh with falling in love. The writing was pretty funny.

This week was also Brittany's 7 month mark, so we decided to include one picture of her belly for you all to enjoy. :)

One last little tidbit. Dean has started saying small sentences now! He says: "Bye, see you later!", "there it is!", "let's go!", and a few new, harder words like, "please" when he wants something. We're very impressed with our smart little going to be 17 month old tomorrow!


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  1. Dean is such a cutie! & has the cutest little personality! Thank you so much for sharing those precious stories! Also, loved the movie reviews - keep up the good work Brittany! I love this blog-site cuz you make it so wonderful! And I love you Ü

  2. Thanks so much Mom! I'm so glad you read and comment, it makes it all worthwhile!