Game Day


Okay, so none of us are die-hard Green Bay Packer fans, or Super Bowl junkies, but we had such a fun time watching the game. Have to say it was even more fun knowing that everyone was expecting the Steelers to win. It was a pretty close game at the end and had us out of our seats cheering. Plus, just being able to eat great food with great company is enough of a reason to gather for the occasion.

Our good friends the Nielsen's invited us to their new home in Rigby and it is always nice watching their now 11 month old, red-headed girl, Shayla, and Dean romp around together. We always love hanging out with them; feels like family. Their new place is so perfect for them and definitely feels like their home already. So great to have such awesome friends!

Pizza from Papa Murphy's, pomegranite 7-Up, chicken/bacon salad, bean dip, cookies, and chips, and the babies having fun playing with toys while us adults chatted and cheered, made for a good time. Dean and Shayla did so well together, and we loved when Dean would mimick our cheering or booing during the game. The commercials were over-the-top as usual, especially the Pepsi commercials, hahaha. And the half-time show would have been amazing had the sound been on target instead of muffled by the crowds. The lights were pretty darn cool though, we thought, and at least it wasn't as entertaining as a "wardrobe malfunction," right? We'll take Black-Eyed Peas over that anyday. :)

Added some pictures and recipes of our contributions to the feast. Hope you all enjoyed Game Day as much as we did.


The James Anderson Family


  1. yay! you made my cookies! and they look perfect :)
    Love you guys! So excited you have a blog I can read :)

  2. We did finally make your cookies, and they were a hit! So yummy! Love you too!