Cute Dean Moments

Dean's recent adventures can be seen in the above photos.

Recently, he has been climbing in and out of his empty diaper boxes, which we save to organize toys and store clothing that he grows out of. It's pretty funny to watch him stick his hands in and out of the handles and get pushed around by Daddy or Mommy. He's such a little mischevious boy.

He has also learned how to put his feet into Daddy's shoes, and Daddy's hats on his head. We get a good laugh out of the fact that he cannot see once he puts a hat on his head and that he continues to walk around anyway.

Lastly, we went on a family outting to Idaho Falls for the evening and stopped for some Fiesta Ole. Instead of putting him in a high chair, we decided to see how he would do sitting in the booth next to Dad. We thought it was pretty cute that he decided the best way to sit there and eat was to put his legs up against the table to prop himself up. 

Hope you enjoy these captured moments as much as we do!


The James Anderson Family