Anderson Holiday Photos

Thanks to our sister-in-law, Christina, and her "flashing us" the whole time we were together, we scored some pretty great photos to remember some cute moments with the Anderson's.

The first compilation is of Christmas Eve, which Mom Anderson prepares for, for quite awhile, in anticipation of all the family being able to attend. We had the usual feast followed by the Christmas program. This year she used Little People Nativity Sets to tell the Christmas Story and had all the older kids help pick out which characters should go in each scene. It was pretty cute. Then Santa came and we all sat in his lap to recieve our gifts. Dean sure loved playing with the Santa and Reindeer Little People set! It was great to see all the family together that could be there.

The second set of photos were taken on New Years Day, as it just so happens to be Dad Anderson (Dean's Grandpa's) birthday! So we had a really nice party at our sister Janine's house: scrumptious tacos, rice and beans followed by gifts and socializing. I just love the pictures Christina captured. Dean and his Grandpa and all of the nieces piled on top of James. Left to right: Arianna, Jamie, and Deeana. Tiffany, our oldest niece, also captured a pretty cute photo of James' sister Liz and Brittany 'belly kissing.' Liz is due in the beginning of April with a little boy, so it was pretty fun to talk to them about babies while we were there.

Hope you enjoy the little recap and photos!


The James Anderson Family


  1. These pictures are precious for your posterity! Dean's hair sure looks red in the top photo!

  2. Thanks! We're so lucky to have photographers in the family :) His hair does look red still, doesn't it, in certain light?