As many of you may know, going to college presents a few challenges when it comes to living space. Namely, a tight budget and tight space to work in. In our small two bedroom, one bath apartment, (which we cannot complain about in the least) we have the challenge of finding space to welcome a new addition to our family in April. And I must say we enjoy a challenge! Brittany has practically been on the edge of her seat in anticipation of a chance to reorganize, and spent many hours finding good deals and cute ideas.

Well, it all snowballed from there. There's no stopping a pregnant interior designer on a mission! So we got serious by envisioning the baby room with two kids living in it. Brittany even sketched out several options on her graph paper, being the interior designer she is. After seeing the space we had to work with on graph paper, we realized fitting two small beds, two dressers, and a large cabinet into the space left only a few options. So we ordered the furniture for that room and in our excitement, found ourselves too anxious to wait to re-do that room.

The next evening, we ended up shopping for, and even purchasing, budget furniture to put a little more organization and space into our own bedroom. And what an undertaking it was, even without real furniture. First purchasing, then building, and then rearranging the room to get it all to fit and look the way we had seen it in our minds. We built the furniture throughout the week and then Saturday night finally got to work on taking everything apart so we could put it back together again. We even took the opportunity to sort through our clothes and make a donation box of all the things we don't wear anymore and fixed the bed that was bowing in the middle!

It was quite a week, and I must say we are pleased with the results. Much more adventure to come of course, but still so satisfying even in the little bit of organization we have achieved thus far. It's truly amazing how properly using the space you have makes you feel like you have room to spare. Not a bad way to begin the year, eh?  


The James Anderson Family


  1. Wow! It really looks you have a lot more room .... in your room.... hehehe! Good job Ü

  2. Thanks, we're really enjoying it!