April Showers

It is April already! Can you believe it? So many great things come in April...end of school, General Conference, babies...it's great! :)

So, you know the saying: 'April showers bring May flowers?' Well, we are hoping that is true for a little Riley Mae, because we had the most awesome surprise this week! A baby shower by mail! We literally went to the mail-box and it was filled with packages and cards for us that all came on the same day (mostly). We had a hard time carrying it all inside. It was so neat! 

A huge thanks goes out to Brittany's parents, Aunts, cousins and Grandma who all banded together to make this happen and make us feel so loved and special. We are so thankful that we have girly clothes to help welcome a 'Mae flower' into the world now! She is going to be so cute...just look at what we received on her behalf:

(From cousin Tamara! Thanks so much cousin!)

(All from cousin Fawn! You are amazing woman! :) )

(Yes, these bows were homemade, and the gorgeous baby blanket too!)

 (Look at these cute outfits! Yay!)

 (And a leopard-bear, Riley's first stuffed-animal-friend.)

 (All from Grandpa and Grandma Keel! Such adorable clothes! 2 dresses, a sleeper w/ matching stuffed elephant--thanks Gpa!, two fashion onesies, a 3-piece frog outfit set, and an adorable layette set that says "little sister" and includes those awesome socks that look like shoes. She's going to be so cute in all of them!)

(And such a sweet card! We love you G&G Keel!)

(All from Aunt Jana! Beautiful little dress, sleep n' plays, and matching caps, plus the cutest little newborn onesie that says "I love my Aunt." Can't wait to see her in them!)

(Grandma Viola, and Aunt Vicki sent these adorable finds: a newborn onesie that says "little sister", two bigger onesies that say "My Aunt is the Best" and "I was spoiled by my Auntie", two skorts, a little pair of cotton denim-looking bloomer-shorts, and a beautiful yellow dress that will be perfect for Easter next year around her first birthday. What a blessed girl Riley is! )

(Last, but certainly not least, Aunt Rosalinda and family sent this adorable giraffe card with a giftcard to target. We went already and loved picking out some cute petite newborn outfits to sport in her first couple weeks. A dress, a top with matching leggings, and some 0-9 month tights in three different colors. Yay!) 

And as if that wasn't enough fun for all of us...Dean was remembered too!

(A lion-bear from cousin Fawn!)

(And shirts from Aunt Jana, and G&G Keel! A huge thanks from Dean, who was feeling a little left out during all the girly squeals...he loves you!)

We are certainly blessed to be part of such a thoughtful family, to remember us way out here, and throw us a mail-in baby shower! Wouldn't have had one without you all, it means so much to us. THANK YOU for such a wonderful surprise! WE LOVE YOU!

--And just to be fair, we wanted to make sure and mention again that Mom Anderson sent us a beautiful sewing machine a few weeks ago, and our sister Janine gave us tons of hand-me-down clothes for 9-12 months. So, they are definitely worthy of mention! We love you for being so thoughtful, thank you! How did we get so blessed with family?!--


  1. yay!!! so fun!
    love you guys! :)

  2. Thank you so much for posting pictures of all the mail-in baby shower gifts to see! I really wanted to see them and you laid them out so nice, and the pictures are excellent! Thank you,thank you! We are getting so excited for her birth! And seeing you all in person soon! Love you tons and forever!

  3. Glad you both like the post! Wish we could do even more to thank you, it was such a huge blessing and surprise. Love you all more! hahaha.