Another Semester Down and Baby Prep

Our internet has been playing hooky again, but we have access back today. Yay! Hope you're interested in playing catch-up with us. Here it goes...

James finished another semester (and on a great note! ;P). His final voice recital was his last assignment of the semester and we actually have a tidbit for you to watch. Hopefully, it will play sound correctly, because he did such a great job. He sang "Tale As Old As Time" from Beauty and the Beast. Everyone absolutely adored it, and James too. Now we know where Dean gets his charm. James also did some excel magic to figure out his projected GPA for the semester and is anticipating a 3.5. Go James! He is all signed up and ready to go for next semester, which starts on Tuesday, the 19th. Just one week of break and back to the grind-stone!

Dean enjoyed helping Daddy practice and celebrate as you can see in the following two videos. The first is of him concentrating really hard to pound those notes on the piano, with his tongue sticking out for help. The second is of him licking/sucking on a lime at Taco Time, which was an outting to celebrate another semester going well and being finished. Just look at his faces!! We love our silly boy.

We also caught him trying to use his potty seat this week...a little unconventionally...and enjoying being able to reach the water fountains on campus. Such a curious kid.

As for Brittany, she has finished Riley's baby blessing dress, and been enjoying crossing many things off of her to-do-lists in further preparation for Riley's arrival (hopefully sooner than later?) now that James is able to help. For example, we pre-registered at the hospital, washed bedding and clothing, rearranged furniture, organized the closet (yet again) to accomodate more things that needed to be moved to make room for a new addition, and have begun packing the hospital bags.

Brittany's 38 week appointment went well, and she is currently 2-3 cm, 50% effaced, and Riley's in a -3 station position, as of Tuesday. Good to hear! We also took Dean in to see his Cardiologist, Dr. Judd, for the year to get it over with before Riley comes, and he is doing great also. We are so thankful for being busy, healthy, and having things to keep us moving forward.

So here are pictures of the blessing dress, and matching headband that Brittany made. Tell us what you think!


The James Anderson Family

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  1. My goodness! Those are gorgeous! You did such a great job!