Down to the Wire

Feeling like this may be one of the last posts for a bit, since there are only 10 days left until Riley's due date! We can hardly believe it. Seems like it kind of snuck up on us. Once she comes I'm sure it will be a little crazy, but we'll try and post as we can.

Anyway, just a few fun things to report since the last post.

James and Brittany went on a date! Our good friends offered to watch Dean so that we could get some time to ourselves before baby # 2 arrives. It was so nice of them to give us that opportunity, so we could just have some fun together! We went Easter shopping and walking around shops in Idaho Falls. We even took some photo booth pictures to make it feel more official. We also had the opportunity to watch the original TRON movie. The second one makes so much more sense now, and we loved the original. So fun!

We went to the Rexburg Temple together to let Dean run around on the grounds and talk to him about it. He was so adorable. He kept walking closer and closer to it, saying "Temple!", the whole time.

We've been really trying to enjoy our time with just him while we can. Brittany has been teaching him about Jesus, in his "Jesus book" that he got for his first birthday. She'll go through it with him and ask him, "where's Jesus?", "where's the trees?", "where's the water", etc. and he'll point to everything she asks him to.

He's also starting to grasp the whole, 'put-one-toy-away-and-bring-me-another' concept, which is exciting!! However, we can always tell when he's not quite ready to let a certain toy go because he will put away, wait for us to say "You did it!" and then pull it right back out again. Hahaha. So fun.

James found out that he finished the last semester even better than anticipated with a 3.625 GPA! Yay! He has been so happy that he got his new netbook and wireless router set-up to help him with the upcoming semester. We're saying our prayers that all goes well this next week, with him starting on Tuesday. He's also been working faithfully on his AWESOMEntrepreneur blog and has spotlighted his first person, and has a second in the works. It looks great, and you should check it out. The artist he spotlighted is amazing and a friend of ours.

Brittany finally broke down and tried to put some girly bows together that she'd been researching for awhile. So here are some pictures (above) of her first attempts...She's been doing pretty good in her last few weeks of pregnancy despite some pulled muscles, a stubbed toe, and the classic heartburn. We're so thankful, and continue to say our prayers that all goes well for her and Riley.

Can't help being excited for Easter and all the other things that Spring has to offer in the next few weeks. Thanks for caring about us. Hope you are all doing well.


The James Anderson Family

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  1. I love how you introduced Dean to the temple in person. No wonder he knows it so well when he sees the pics!