Studly and the Dean

Two posts today...don't you feel loved? :) We sure do! Especially on such a nice sun-shiney day in Idaho. Thank goodness for some days like this inbetween all the rain and snow, so that we can all get outside once inawhile.

(Yes, he loved playing with the bark more than on the equipment...that's our Dean!)

The park was finally dried-out enough that we could go enjoy it. Dean was having fun chasing leaves blowing in the wind, throwing pinecones, and running around saying "Hello" to everyone. We sure enjoyed letting him.

This is what happens when we don't let him outside to run around! He decorates the floor, and tries to claim his old carseat, now Riley's, as his own. To bad kiddo, you have to pass it on! It was quite amusing though because he'd just climb in there and play, and then whine to be let out, and then climb right back in again. Silly, silly cute boy. :)

And this is the studly, entrepreneur, sporting-his-new-glasses, James. His old pair finally lost one of the nose-guards and the lenses always came loose; it was time to lay them to rest. These were the first pair he tried on, and we both loved them, even after trying on about 50 others. What do you think?

So, just a few quick notes to end off this post.

1) James has started his own blog called AWESOM-Entrepreneurs. He has yet to get any spotlights completed, but he does have an Introduction and some AWESOM-Ebook recommendations to check out until then. He'd love any comments, suggestions, and encouragement for this new hobby.

2) We have created a seperate page for scrapblogs at the top of our blog, right beneath our family picture. We have only posted one so far, which is a link to the book of Dean's First Year in Photos. We'd love to hear any feedback on that, as well as any other scrapblogs to come.

3) We have updated the design of the blog for Spring. So, yes, it looks different, but you are still in the right place! Hope you like it as much as we do.

Keep reading and commenting! We post for you all to keep in touch as much as possible.


The James Anderson Family


  1. Brittany! Wow! love the new background! It's so you (and your family - of course)!

  2. Thank you! Glad you like it so you'll want to come back for more :)