Highlights, Lowlights, and Pictures Galore

Finally getting around to an update. So much to report! To make a rather long post more bearable, we have inserted a few fun pictures of Dean from the week, hope you like them. 

(Painting tray and body with Goolash)


We are still in the process of looking for an internship for James; after receiving word that he will not be able to do one with the company he has been in contact with for the past 3 months. This means we will need to find another one on very short notice, and are hoping that it still means James can graduate in July, after all. (All prayers are appreciated on our behalf concerning this important matter!) 

(Daddy and "Fry-Nose")

We were pulled over by the police once, received a parking ticket for accidently leaving the permit in the glove box instead of displaying it in the windshield on another day, and had an almost-accident caused by not having the parking brake on when the car was parked in our apartment lot. Oops! Things definitely could have been worse though, so in all instances we were very grateful that nothing was any more unpleasant. 

(Bathtime with Daddy is always fun!)

Dean threw up while we were shopping at our local store this weekend. He was eating well and full of energy all day, then in the course of our 20 minutes in the store, got white-as-a-sheet and coughed until he threw up once. That was it though. No more throwing up. We left the store as fast as we could, and watched him for quite awhile and gave him clear liquids until bedtime and he's been fine since. So, that was an adventure! 

Thankfully, the highlights this week outweighed the aforementioned fun stuff. 


Doing an 18 month handprint project with Dean to help decorate his room.

(Brittany also painted wood letters to display, the room is coming along slowly)

Brittany getting some time to work on her beautiful new sewing machine (that was a gift from Mom Anderson--Thanks MOM!) to start putting together a baby blessing dress for Riley. (Only 4 more weeks until D-DAY!) Pictures to come, when the project is finished, soon, hopefully!

Being able to attend James' voice recital as a family and listen to him sing "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch." It was wonderful! He was the last performer and did such a great job. We wish the video had saved like it was supposed to. (Oops, again!) Guess a few pictures will have to suffice, for now. 

(Singing "High on the Mountain Top" with his whole voice class)

(Walking off stage, in all his glory, after such a great performance)

(James and his accompanist: Daniel, they made a good team.)

Being able to attend Shayla's First Birthday Party. Dean and she have become such pals, and it was so fun watching her smash a cupcake with yellow frosting all over herself and get excited about all her gifts. Dean sure had fun teaching her how to open her gifts and play with her toys. :) 

(Dean and the birthday girl playing with her new toys.)

Having our brother Tyler and his girlfriend MiLinh stay with us for two days. We had good food, talked a lot, watched a good movie, and let Dean work his charms on them. It was nice having them go to church with us--even if we were all exhausted from talking all night! Dean was taken with MiLinh, and she had him tamed in church, so Tyler better watch out because he might steal her! Hahaha. But in all seriousness, it was so great to have family around and new people for Dean to entertain. We even scored some twin blow-up mattresses on sale for a great price to make it more comfortable for them, and any others who decide to come visit after our new arrival. It worked out great. 

(Dean with Uncle Ty and MiLinh)

(Did this by himself during dinner, and said "TA DA!" So cute!)

Lastly, making it through such a busy week of school, appointments, shopping, and events, managing to clean enough to receive guests, and still find time to eat good meals, and sleep somewhat, we consider to be a big highlight! It was great to be busy, and feel like we accomplished good things in the end. 

(The fun subway sandwich we made at home.)

(Dean's new outfit, perfect for St. Patrick's Day.)

Now we are looking forward to another week closer to the end of the semester, and to General Conference next weekend. Yay!


The James Anderson Family

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  1. I love your blogs so much!!! Can't believe how big Dean is getting and looking now! He's so handsome!