New and Borrowed Shoes

Can't believe it's March already! So many exciting things coming up for us Andersons. Dean will be 18 months this month and trying to transition into the nursery. And Brittany will be 8 months along in 2 weeks, and all of us will be closer to meeting the willful Riley Mae, instead of just getting to feel her kick.  

Wanted to post some pictures from this last Sunday, when Dean got to wear his new Sunday shoes. His old shoes, that he wore for church and play, were well worn in the toes before we finally got around to getting him some new ones. He has some cute little Champions for everyday use, and some spiffy new black dress shoes for Sunday's only. He loves his church shoes; he always brings them over to one of us wanting us to put them on for him. 

Also, wanted to share some photos and a video of Dean and Daddy bowling on Tuesday. Dean is a natural! And it was so much fun! He even got to wear his own bowling shoes. We loved how quickly he caught on to the whole concept of pushing the ball down the ramp and then going back to the seating area to wait for his next turn. He'd turn around and say "'skgo! 'skgo!" (for "let's go!") as he ran back to his seat to watch Daddy. Priceless moments.



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