Spring Has Sprung!

Happy Spring! We are so excited for the brighter days ahead and to share some of the fun things the milder weather has allowed us to do lately.

Our Tall Children-

We finally got them in to see the doctor this month. Took us long enough! But we were very glad to get them seen. Dean is now 37" tall and Riley is 29" tall and are doing well despite some change-of season colds that have been hanging around for awhile. Riley has to catch-up on a few shots, and got four all at once. She did a great job though, we were really impressed.

The Dean-

He is just growing up too fast! He is 30 months old and his haircut makes him look older. He loves to draw. He'll actually tell us what he is drawing and it will look like what he says. Like water, balloons, flowers, etc. We're constantly amazed with his ability to observe and then do what he sees. He's had some trying experiences with other kids lately. He was bit on the arm and punched in the nose, poor kid. We had a hard time with that one, but know it's part of growing up and learning how to deal with other kids his age. He watches movies constantly, and has such a big vocabulary and imagination from all of them. We also have been loving his sense of humor. He was telling knock-knock jokes that had us rolling. For a two year old, it was awesome. It went something like this:

"Knock, knock!" "Who's there?" "Banana." "Banana who?" "Banana is in the tree."
"Knock, knock!" "Who's there?" "Owl." "Owl who?" "Owl is eating the banana."

(These are the "four balloons" he drew the other day.)

One of his favorite things this month, was when we all went to fly the airplane kite he and James picked out together!

The Riley Monster-

Doesn't she look so sweet and innocent? Well, she's 11 months and learning so fast. She is now cruising everywhere, and we have videos of her first walking attempts and another inventive way she's picked up to get around. She's definitely curious, stubborn, and a quick learner. We sure love her.

 (This is her right before she stands up in her high chair for the fortieth time!)
 (Yes, she is holding the TouchPad. Doesn't she just look like she knows exactly what she's doing?)
(Uncle Bryce would be wrapped around her finger, but she's got her fingers on the stereo remote instead.)

Okay, she IS sweet and innocent, but she sure does get into some mischief!

 (See the graham-cracker plastered to her shirt? haha.)
 (Toys don't go in the toy boxes, she does! It is her favorite thing to pull everything out onto the floor.)
 (She is a remote-stealing, cheerio-spilling, graham-cracker-smashing monster; whom we absolutely adore!)
 (This is Riley covered in Mommy's thieved cookie. It looks better on her anyway.)
(This poor innocent frog (and so many other stuffed animals and toys she 
can carry like so) was the victim of a teething Riley monster!)

And just wait until you see what she does with the DIRT!

 (She kicked her shoe off and buried it first, then proceeded to try and eat the dirt, suck 
on the rocks, and threw a couple too, you know, for good measure. Good thing she's so dang cute!)

Dean also had a lot of fun playing in the dirt. He buried his legs in it, rained it down into his hair, and dug for rocks. Then he did some fun drawings in the dirt. He's such a little artist lately!

Cousin Alex's Baptism--

Dean's oldest boy-cousin got baptized this month and we were able to get Uncle Bryce to teach our Primary lesson (which coincidentally, was on baptismal covenants) so we could all go. It was so great. We left early enough to get some brownies to bring, feed the babies something small, change them and when we got there it was pouring rain, hail, and snow. But Alex was so fun, the talks were so well-done, and seeing Uncle Ray being able to baptize and confirm him was awesome. Dean loved watching it and was so excited he kept saying "Baptism!" and "Water!" And of course, they loved the cookies afterward too, as you can see! They were so good and so exhausted when it was over. So nice to have cousins close.

Hope you liked the updates. We love sharing and have so many great things to look forward to this next month, like: General Conference, Easter, and Riley's First Birthday! Yay! Can't wait to see how it all goes.


The James Anderson Family

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