Long Awaited Update--Part Two

Hello again! As promised here is the second part of the updates; from the month of February. So many exciting things we don't want to miss posting. Let's get started.

Valentine's Day:

We went all out for Valentine's this year. Brittany did 14 days of valentines to James, and James bought Brittany yellow tulips (her favorite) and took her out to dinner and a movie. 

 (Here's the first day of valentines...a little cheesy but that's how we roll!)

 (Brittany's parents went out on a nice date on Valentine's Day too, don't they look spiffy?)
(James made napkin roses on Valentine's Day and gave one 
to Riley, she loved it and wouldn't put it down. It was adorable!)
 (We got all dressed up for the first phase of our date, dinner at Juliano's 
(we went on our first ever date there)Then we came back put the babes down
 for bed, got comfy and went to a movie. It worked out really nice.)

Corralling Horses:

Our Sister and her husband own a mustang and have it in a corral on their property. They needed some help moving it over to a more secure position where it was out of the wind and more supported. We were so happy James could help--they always do so much for everyone else and are so sweet and thoughtful all the time. It was nice to be able to visit too, Dean and Riley were so excited to see their cousins. We stayed until the afternoon and felt more like they were helping us out since they fed us, gave us an extra outfit for Riley since she managed to spoil all of her clothing while we were there (dumped baby food all over herself first, then found the dog bowl and spilled that all over the rest of her...crazy girl! haha.), and then gave James an In-N-Out shirt and gift card for helping. We love those guys!

 (Here is what it looked like when they were done. Isn't it beautiful?)

It was so great also, because we were able to use the gift card for our date that evening. Gpa and Gma A watched the babies so that we could use the two tickets James received to a  "Night of Magic and Comedy" at VVC and then we stole away to In-N-Out before going to save the grandparents. It was so nice. Two great dates in one month! Who would've guessed that could happen? Thanks to everyone who made that possible. We love you!


Brittany's brother Bryce came home on the 9th of February after leaving over two years ago to serve a mission in Salt Lake City. It is so great to see the man he is and have him home again. We love you and are so pleased with your sacrifice and testimony brother! Following are some amateur photos we took while Tyler was in town. He was able to pick Bryce up and drive him home and spend a few days before returning to his life in Provo. It was really nice to have all of us together again after so long.

 (The siblings all together!)
  (Look at these handsome brothers.)
(All of us with our happy faces!)
 (Dean and Riley said cheese too!)

Bryce's Homecoming:

Brittany helped welcome Bryce by designing this announcement, doing a little decor, and putting together some "Oreo cakes." We hope Bryce's day was special for him and that he knows how much we love him.  

 (Can you tell he loves Oreos?)

Worth Mention:

James was only two cars and a few seconds away from being the van below. Monday morning on his way to work a car zoomed between him and the car to his left (in a non-existent space), lost control, and ended up slamming into the side of the van in oncoming traffic. James ended up staying to report what happened and being late to work, but we're thankful he made it to work! Thank you for your prayers; they are working!

 (James said there was a dad and his three year old daughter in this van. 
No one was hurt, but it just really reminds us to be so careful!)
  (This is the red car that caused all the problems in the first place. 
A reckless teenager. But at least he took responsibility for it.)

A nice family day:

We had such a nice time at a beautiful park in Hesperia, letting Dean and Riley swing, and imagine, and play. Then we were able to visit Gma & Gpa A and watch "Puss in Boots" and eat pizza. Gma A gave each of them a pair of sunglasses, and they both adore them. Dean in particular wears them everywhere, even at church. He has also been asking to watch "Puss in Boots" since then, at least once a day. He's so cute. We are so thankful for our family!

 (You can talk to each other from across the playground thru these. Dean was fascinated!)
 (Isn't he cute? We sure think so!)
 (They loved playing in the grass.)
 (We played "Red Light, Green Light" with Dean for the first time. 
He did pretty good. He did want to add "Blue Light" though...? Haha.)
 (These babies love to wrestle with their Daddy and each other.)

(This is a picture from a recent Sunday. Riley is playing 'peek-a-boo' with Dean's paper from nursery 
and Dean has his beloved bow-tie and sunglasses from Gma A.)

Can't wait to see what's next for our little family. We'll try to post again soon.


The James Anderson Family

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