Long Awaited Update--Part One

After a long hiatus we are ready to put up some pictures and remember the good things that have been happening lately. Recapping from Christmas up to all the recent February events has proven that we really do a lot within a short amount of time around here; so you can see why blogging gets put on the back burner sometimes. But we love you and want to share what's going on. So, if you're interested, sit back and get comfy! There are quite a few pictures coming your way!

End of December-
Trip to Rancho Cucamonga:

12/29-Bass Pro Shop and Victoria Gardens
 (This catfish was staring him down!)
 (Don't think he liked these fish as much as the colorful ones at the pet store.)
 (Beautiful Riley Mae enjoying the ride!)
(vroom! vroom!) 
 (It was so fun to look at all of our favorite shops! This one is for our brother Levi--we love you!) 
 (Dean and Riley waiting for their lunch)
(Dean had so much fun being able to drive in the little race-car and drink out of his
 mini water bottle!)
(By the end of the trip they were exhausted, and loved being in their new seats! 
Especially Riley being able to face forward!)

Beginning of January-
Another trip to Rancho Cucamonga:

1/9-Chaffey College Employment Test and Family Fun Day
(Our babies love having their mini-pillow pets in their car seats with them for trips.)
(The campus was so beautiful, with ponds, flowering trees, oranges, thick green 
grass, and lots of bugs, lizards, and birds that the kids loved to see.)
(Dean's favorite thing is to go to the park and swing, so we went to the park down
 in Rancho Cucamonga just for him. It was pretty fun to visit a nice park like that!)
(Riley enjoyed it also!)
(We were there when the sun was going down and it was nice, beautiful sweater 
weather. It was a great end to a beautiful day together to see our babies smiling.)

January Kid Chronicles:
(Got the good-old play pen out for Riley, and she didn't like it so much being left 
to her own devices. However, all Dean did was ask to get in! Children, eh? 
Hahaha. Oh and, don't you just love her hair?)
(The classic falling asleep in the jumper picture. We have a couple of these from
 when Dean was her age.)
(We had fun being able to take them both to Costco and watch them sit 
side-by-side in the cart. They had fun sitting together and it was so cute.)

(Dean had fun with James' light saber and we got some neat action shots. Here's one of them!)
(I just love the color in these photos.)

(Dean and James like to visit the ducks and geese at VVC together. It's their Father-Son time.)
(Riley fell asleep in the "bug" position.)
(Dean fell asleep in the "where are you?" position.)

January Projects: 
(We got to help Gma and Gpa K install a new kitchen faucet. It was a many-person job for sure. But doesn't it look snazzy?) 
(Brittany and her mother put on a birthday bash for Aunt Vicki--Brittany's Aunt. 
They put this together for her combined gift, and baked a chocolate, chocolate, 
chocolate cake. They had fun celebrating with the girls.)

We have Part Two begun already, and look forward to getting it up shortly. Hope this tides you over until then.


The James Anderson Family

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