April is Here and Gone Again

Hello Friends! There's a lot to report for the amazing month of April. First of all, the month started out with wonderful General Conference. It was a wonderful two days of spiritual uplifting to reboot, re-prioritize, and remember our Savior Jesus Christ and His wonderful sacrifice that gives us purpose and opportunity in this life and life hereafter. 

Bitter-Sweet Parting-

Next, we decided to sell our 2002 Dodge Stratus. We paid it off last year and fixed it up before moving to California in July. Well, a few weeks after we arrived here it decided that it was time for another rest. The transmission went out and we have not been in the financial, nor mental state, to put more money into it. So, even though we didn't get a lot of money from the sale we at least feel like we're taking a step forward in getting rid of it finally in the hopes of using the money toward moving on to something more reliable in the near future. It was really neat too, since when we finally put the sign up in the windshield we sold it the next day! Blessings for sure. We're so thankful. Below is a picture of it being towed away to be given some TLC by it's new owner. Bye Lexi, be good!


We love Easter! It's such a beautiful holiday full of new birth, hope, and reminders of everything that's good about life, family, and all of God's wonderful creations. It was especially nice to be able to spend it with both of our extended families. The kids really enjoyed dying eggs with Gpa & Gma Anderson and egg hunting with Gpa & Gma Keel. Below is a picture of our shared haul from the Easter Bunny. There were only a few things that were more than a dollar. They were really surprised and very entertained, we were happy with the results, even if they were hyped-up on sugar for the rest of the day!

(Here's Riley playing with the dollar pin-wheel. 
Dean and her love watching it spin in the yard!)

 (Here's Dean in his spiffy Easter outfit. He looked so handsome. 
To bad we couldn't get him to sit still for a really good picture.)

 (Here's Dean whining about going into the yard to find Easter eggs! So funny the 
things kids do. They were so excited once they got the hang of it though.)

Our kiddos-

 (Doesn't Dean look like a piggy with that triangle in his mouth/over his nose?)

 (Riley Mae wanted to brush her teeth too! 
She wants to be just like her big brother Dean.)

 (Dean got to help James wash the car, and found out it was a wet and sometimes 
dirty job! He was so excited about it. He got to play in the suds and use a sponge
 and get rinsed off with the hose. Very exciting stuff for a 2 year old.)

 (Riley makes this face often lately and it is so funny. She also likes running away 
when we are trying to re-clothe her. And she loves to climb up and down things
 now that she is a walker; these rugs for example. She's so entertaining.)
 (This is Riley face-down asleep in her new high chair, that she 
loves! Thank you to a wonderful family member who gives us
 GREAT hand-me-downs. She feels like a princess in it!)

 (Dean and Riley are usually fighting, or whining about who stole 
whose toy,...yes, it starts young!So when there is a sweet moment, 
we like to capture it! Here they are being pals while watching Mickey 
Mouse Club. Pretty precious right? We love these monsters!)

The big news!

James got a new job as an Account Clerk with the City of Barstow. He was contacted by a hiring company, interviewed, and given the position within three days and then started work the next Monday. It was all very unexpected and wonderful. James is loving the environment and the job description where he gets to design spreadsheets and analyze in-depth reports to create a more quick and reader-friendly version. He also gets his own office and is really enjoying the people who he works with. Below is a snap-shot of said office. We are saying our prayers that this will be what we have been hoping for and become permanent if possible.  We are so grateful for this new development! 

Thank you for all your prayers and everything you do to make our lives sweeter and more blessed each day. Hope you and yours are well and good where you are. Look forward to relating Riley's 1st Birthday event in the next post.


The James Anderson Family

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