As previously mentioned, we had the opportunity as a family to take a trip so that James could attend an important interview. Since the interview was taking place in Solvang, CA, close to where Brittany grew up in Lompoc, CA, she knew there would be a lot of family fun to be had there. We all left by 8:00 in the morning and after a few adventures (car-sick Dean twice, getting turned around, and hungry Riley) we finally made it there by about 12:15 in the afternoon. James helped get the kids piled out for a picnic with Brittany, while he went in for his interview. He was inside for at least 45 minutes and came out with a good feeling about how he presented himself. Even if he isn't the right match for their firm because of his own personal goals and dreams, it was a good experience for him. We're so thankful! 

After lunch, we all decided to go down the street to visit some of the down-home family entertainment. Just down the street from the interview we found an apple orchard, pumpkin patches, a mini horse ranch, and an amazing park that looked like a huge Disney Princess castle. We didn't get to enjoy the park this time, but maybe we will be able to another time. We did however love getting out to enjoy the other three places to take pictures. We even let Dean pick out his own pumpkin. He sure had an exciting day! 

After spending some time walking around in the country, we decided to hit the shops before they closed. Solvang is always good for some delicious treats and interesting finds. We saw a horse-drawn trolley, ate one whole Aebleskiver before we were attacked by bees and had to throw the rest away, saw lots of beautiful plants and flowers, watched many people trying to steer their surrey cycles around town, and even stopped for some fudge in-between watching our babies loving all the excitement and attention.   

We then piled in the car to begin the long drive home. Because we had to stop anyway we decided to do it at the Pacific View Mall around dinner time for one last hurrah as the sun was setting over the water. It sure was a perfect day for a trip to Central California! 


The James Anderson Family

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