October is an Exciting Month Around Here!

Dean got to go visit the VVC ducks and geese with Daddy...

Riley got to visit with her cousin Matthew for the first time! He is only 11 days older than her. It was really cute watching them together and seeing how different they both are. Even though they're both so close in age and big kiddos, they're very different otherwise!

Most of the Anderson Family (Ray, Liz, James and our families and Joel and Mom and Dad) went to the pumpkin patch for pictures and fun...some of our favorite finds were a really tiny, perfect pumpkin, and a medium-sized bumpy one; we thought it looked like a brain.

AND RILEY TURNED 6 MONTHS! So we went and took some amateur photos to commemorate this...

We're so glad we're so close to family for all the holidays again! It's so much fun! We can't wait to post some pictures of the Halloween costumes our kids borrowed to wear, they're so cute.

Also, we were recently called to be Valiant 8 (nine year old class) primary teachers and are working with a bright group of kids. We really enjoyed teaching for our first time today, together, and hope we can do our best with this new calling.

Happy October everyone!


The James Anderson Family

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