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Dean's birthday week consisted of a lot of fun for a newly 2 year old boy. First he was taken to Carls Jr. for a kid's meal birthday lunch. Then, he was treated to a play @ VVC by his Uncle Levi. It was an interactive version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs made especially for children (he loved it!). Next, he got a haircut; and with his birthday party on Saturday his week of events ended pretty nicely. As you can see from the pictures he had a hard time with the haircut, but did really well considering the amount of anxiety he had the whole time. The lady cutting his hair just loved him too, and it was pretty adorable. The last picture is of Dean playing with the TouchPad. He knows how to turn it on, unlock it, pull up apps, and exit from them all by himself just from watching others. He is entertained for hours--just like Daddy! 

Riley is just a sweetie, and everyone wants to love her up. When we went to Carls Jr. we ran into some old friends from a previous ward and the boy who was about 4 years old kept asking to hold her. It was pretty cute. She keeps falling asleep in such endearing positions lately too; such as with her legs in the air, or on her Daddy's chest. She makes the cabbage-patch face and sticks her tongue out now, also. We love it. 

As a family we've been getting through our struggles with as positive an attitude as we can thanks to our sweet kiddos and loving family. We've been so busy with good things, and that keeps us feeling like we're contributing something even though we are still trying to find a place to put down our roots permanently. Our kids, and us, have had bouts of the sickies in the past few weeks, and we are glad we're all feeling better now. We've been having lots of fun appealing for financial aid, dropping classes, trying to get James' internship finished up properly, get our kids medical coverage of some sort, and set up contacts for future employment all at the same time. James has an interview in Solvang that we're planning on going to as a family so we can enjoy the sites there together...hopefully it will be a positive experience all around! However, we've also been able to attend birthday parties for Janine's husband Robert, and another for Brittany's cousin Nicole, recently, and were able to watch General Conference. All have helped keep us focused on what really matters. We are so grateful for all our blessings and have been saying constant prayers that we will be led in the right direction to use the skills we've gained to bless the lives of our children and everyone we love. 

 (this is a leaf-bug that was hanging out on the porch)

(this is the Home Evening chart that Brittany helped make)

We look forward to another post in the near future! 


The James Anderson Family

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