July, July, oh how we love July

Happy July to you all! We're really enjoying our last few weeks here. This past week was especially great because of our 3rd Anniversary on Tuesday. We took the opportunity to go to The Falls and enjoy the cool air being blown near the water. Dean really loved watching it. He kept saying "water! water!" And Riley was just being a cutie-patootie, like always, on her blanket. 

Then after a walk around the falls, we enjoyed dinner at Olive Garden, in an attempt to commemorate our first date of Italian food. It was a very pleasant experience. Dean especially loved coloring, and eating the macaroni that would stick to the spoon long enough for him to shovel it in. It was pretty cute. He also got along with our waitress really well and was talking up a storm with her. Haha. Riley slept through the whole thing and got a lot of compliments. 

Also this week we attempted to take Dean to the splash park. We went at 8pm since the water isn't turned off until 9pm. Well, of course, it turned off at 8pm just this once inexplicably, so we let him run around and splash in the leftover water for awhile anyway. It was the perfect evening to do so; warm, but still cool enough to enjoy the evening outside. We bought Dean some 3T swim trunks because he grows so fast, but when we actually tried them on him they're a bit big! It was pretty funny watching him run around in them. At least he kept his trunks on though! One little boy decided he'd had enough already and discarded his and his swim diaper altogether. The mom's mortified look as she chased him around to remedy this was pretty funny. 

We also had a fun time shopping with Dean this week, since they had a special cart where he could drive and beep the horn while we did our grown-up stuff. He loved it. We had fun trying to maneuver it around. It's trickier than it looks. 

We have also started putting Dean to bed in his toddler bed, once again, in preparation for Riley being old enough to start sleeping in the crib very shortly now that she's sleeping through the night. We've been pretty impressed with his naps going well, but at night it's a little trickier. We think he doesn't like the light coming in and shining in his face, because he'll keep getting up to shut the door. Finally, we decided to leave the door closed for a little bit just to see what happened. James called it. Dean ended up half on the bed, sound asleep. We couldn't help taking pictures before we put him fully in it for the night. We love our sweet kiddos. 

Happy Independence Day tomorrow. Hopefully, we'll have more cute things to share again next week. 


The James Anderson Family

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