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We really love looking at pictures from our wedding over and over again. It was such a perfect day, surrounded by our loving family and friends, good food, good music, and the covenants of the temple. Since our third anniversary was yesterday, we thought it would be appropriate to reminisce a bit about how we met and all that's happened since then. 

Brittany was home for the summer of 2007 from BYU-Idaho trying to figure out whether or not she wanted to go on a mission and working at Barnes & Noble, and James was attending VVC and working at Sherwin Williams. Brittany felt strongly that she was to get involved with the YSA ward and attended her first dance on May 11, 2007. That's when we met.

Brittany loved James' personality and how tall and handsome he was. James thought Brittany was an over-hyper 18 year old and wasn't interested right at first. But when Brittany kept complimenting him on his dancing he finally decided to give it a shot and asked her to dance. The dance was great and led to an even better time swing dancing later on. We talked about all the things we had in common, and by the end of the night we had exchanged numbers and planned on trying out a date together. 

Brittany was dating other people too, but not for long! After our first date at Juliano's Italian Restaurant in Hesperia, and bowling thereafter, we were both interested in being together as boyfriend and girlfriend. We continued going on dates until Memorial Day, then Brittany got rid of the competition and when we went to Disneyland together in June we made it official.  We had the most amazing time there. James not only made Brittany fall in love with Disneyland, but him too. 

At the end of the summer going on a mission was out of the question, so Brittany decided to continue the relationship while she kept working toward her degree. It was SO hard for her to leave James and be away from him for 7 months off and on. But we knew that was what needed to happen, since Brittany still wasn't sure she was ready to get married. We managed to see each other for conference in the beginning of October, and by the time Thanksgiving rolled around, James proposed and Brittany accepted. 

James couldn't wait to propose! Brittany drove all the way from Idaho to California and that same night went to a bowling activity with James, so when that was over around 12:30 AM, she was exhausted. That didn't stop James from asking her all night to check her pockets though, and when he dropped her off on her door-step there was something in the pocket. Finally! It was a ring box and Brittany was wide awake after that. 

We had a long engagement, but saw each other in between school for Christmas and Valentine's Day, and by the time June arrived we were ready. James had finished his AS in Business Administration and been accepted into the Accounting program at BYU-Idaho on the Fall/Winter track. What a fun year of dating and engagement that lead us to being a family of four by our 3rd Anniversary. We are so grateful for being in the right places at the right times to make that happen, and for all the support we've had from our loving families to do it. Two degrees and two kids later, we're ready to finish up here in Idaho and add another degree to the list. 


Brittany and James

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