A Happy Father's Day Indeed

Happy Father's Day to all you amazing dads out there. We wish we could do something special for all of you. We did however get to do some cute, little things for James and Dad Keel this year and want to share them with you. 

For Dad Keel, Brittany put together a card that said...

And sent a package that included and bag of popcorn, a 20 oz bottle of orange Fanta, a bag of Tootsie roll pops, and a box of 24 Kool Pops (which are the Kool Aid version of Otter Pops). It got there on Saturday in time for him to enjoy a movie with them, so it made us pretty happy that we actually did something original and fun and got it there on time. 

For James, Brittany made him his Father's Day Over-night French Toast, complete with sliced apples. Dean also learned how to say "Happy Father's Day" to greet James when he woke up. 

And with the help of Tyler, she also got him a really nice shoulder bag (which he has been wanting for a long while) that has a compartment for his netbook and enough strength to actually carry all his heavy accounting books without tearing apart like his last one did! Thanks so much for doing that Tyler, you're awesome! 

And if you're wondering what that thing is next to the new bag...no, it's not an IPad, it's an IDad! Yes, Brittany made James an actual-sized card to look like an IPad, with app icons that lift up to write notes behind them. Dean helped too, by blowing on the glue to help it dry quicker and helping put the app icons in the right order!

James seemed pretty delighted with everything, so it was a great day for all of us seeing him so happy.
So what else is new with the James Anderson Family?

We've finally decided to take a leap and move back to California until we find our permanent roots wherever James' job takes us. He has applied for many jobs thus far, and plans to continue until he finds the perfect fit. But moving now will allow us to be close to family while we transition, and it will be nice for all of us to spend time together. We have enlisted help moving from our Aunt Jackie and she is so awesome to want to help, if she can get the right days off to do so. We are so thankful that she is willing to do that! But we all know she's awesome anyway! 

We're working on getting the Stratus up and running again after leaving it out in the blustering cold of Rexburg winter once again. We have quite a list of repairs, but found a repairmen down the street that seems like he'll be able to help us with all of them. Even if we end up having to push the car there to get them done, we're determined to get it fixed soon! Originally we thought it was  a dead battery that was causing start-up problems, but now we're moving on to other perpetrators that could cause the same problem, thanks to our dads knowing a lot more than we do. We're praying that it's something within our bounds to fix quickly and cheaply--or at least reasonably priced. 

Dean and Riley are so much fun. Riley will be 2 months tomorrow! Which means Dean will be 21 months on Tuesday. Dean had fun this week playing with his stacking cups and lining them up to make designs. 

He is very creative! He also enjoyed looking at the rainbows outside with his Dad today after all the rain finally subsided, and sitting on the big lawnmower outside our window and pretending like he was driving it. 

Riley got all dressed up in the outfit Tyler and MiLinh bought her for church today, and looked so adorable. She also had fun talking to her Dad as a gift to him for Father's Day. 

Here's another video of her doing her girly squealing with her mommy. It's so fun having a boy and a girl! 

So much to do...so glad we have our family to enjoy it all together.


The James Anderson Family

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