One Week

Seems like this past week has been lots of little sweet moments sprinkled in among the long days of packing, entertaining, and trying to get everyday things to feel as normal as possible. Kinda chaotic, but good too. 

So to keep it short and sweet, James is walking on Friday! We are all so excited. We're probably a little more than halfway packed, and are starting to make plans for finals and cleaning so we can officially leave before the week's end. So much to cram into one final week in Idaho that lists don't seem to help at this point. Running on adrenalin seems to work pretty good though. 

Our kiddos have been having a rough time adapting with all the stress, but are just sweet-hearts. We finally had to introduce Dean to the time-out chair and it seems to be helping him understand we really mean business about certain concepts. He's such a smart kid and such a sweetie and we really hate having him be so out of his element. He's old enough now to understand what we're saying so hopefully it will all calm down a bit soon. Speaking of how sweet and smart he is...he spent about 10 minutes today playing with Riley. He put his bare foot up against her bare foot and he was giggling and she was smiling. When he'd had enough he got up and kissed her three times and went and did the next thing. Such a tender thing to be able to witness as a parent. And as for the smart...he learned how to take off and almost put on his shorts today with a little help. We were very impressed. He also spent about a half hour taking off his sandals and trying to put them back on again. He really loves to buckle all the clips in the baby bouncer, strollers, and high chair too. He's figuring things out very quickly. He can also jump up on the beds and chairs and get down again all by himself. We have a video of Dean at the water park this week, it's kind of long. 

Riley finally giggled this week! And she doesn't have a very loud laugh like Dean did, but it certainly is adorable. We finally caught it on video too, so hope you enjoy it. She also rolled over accidentally once, but hasn't quite figured out how to do it again. Sure she'll figure it out in no time. She sure loves her big brother too, because whenever he pays attention to her, or when she hears him being happy she gets all smiles. It's so cute. Also, she folds her arms around herself. We catch her doing it all the time, and mostly when she's sleepy. She'll be three months already on the 20th and it's Grandpa Keel's birthday too. It'll be a pretty exciting day all around!

Probably won't be up for much next week, but we'll post again when we can! 


The James Anderson Family

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