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Welcome to your weekly installment of the James Anderson Family happenings! Lots to report about Dean and Riley this time. Here it goes...


This week Dean has been putting on his favorite shoes (by stepping on them until his heels fall in) and running around the house in them. It is quite funny—that is until he starts whining because he wants to go outside.  We can’t even put our own shoes, socks, or jackets on without him noticing and then continuing to say “outside” louder and louder until we 1) finally exit the house like we intended to in the first place, or 2) explain that we aren’t going outside and try to distract him with something else. His tantrums are definitely worse though, and we have to be much more patient with him and are trying to be very consistent in addressing his unnecessary behavior right away. Growing as a family is rough, but rewarding.

(notice his shoes are on the wrong feet. classic.)

Brittany and Dean have been playing a few fun things this week. Inventive game #1- a paper towel roll and a lady bug plastic egg. Place the egg on the end of the roll and then catapult it into the other room for Dean to chase. He’ll run after it (yes he is running a lot now, and it is very cute to watch) and say “Got it!” while he runs back to you with a huge smile. Inventive game #2- a blanket and a 20 month old boy. Place the 20 month old boy flat on his back on one end of the blanket and roll him up. Then quickly unroll the blanket and enjoy the squeals. James got in on this last game too, and it was pretty fun for all of us.

For the last couple of days Dean’s favorite activity has been building towers with his Legos. He will build them and then say “ta da!” and run over to us for us to count how many blocks high it is. Then he’ll run back and add some more and show it to us all over again.  If some of the blocks fall off the end while he is building it higher he will say “oops!” and then pick it up again (it’s really cute hearing him say this!). And recently James has taught him how to break the towers apart with his head while saying “hi-ya!” So, of course, he will do this over and over while giggling until he pokes himself in the eye or something and gives up for a while. Never for too long though. Pretty impressive that he is entertaining himself really well with them.

Here are a few other photos of his adventures…

(he climbs up onto the foot rest and swings his feet back and forth)

(carrying the diaper-bag backpack like a big boy)


Brittany took her into the doctor this week to be seen for cough/congestion. Riley was coughing quite a bit, especially after eating, and eating sporadically so Brittany was afraid she may have gotten the infection that the rest of us had, or allergies to something. The doctor didn’t seem to think so though, so we’re hoping it’s nothing. She still coughs after meals and has a stuffy nose, but it seems a little milder than at the beginning of the week. And she doesn’t have a fever, but neither did the rest of us…so it’s just hard to know. Anyway, while there they weighed her and she was 11 pounds already! So she’s definitely getting enough to eat. Hehehe. Look at her little chubby faces...

Riley Mae’s baby blessing is next week! Hopefully her dress will fit her well enough for the occasion. We are excited to invite a few of our friends here to be part of the circle and come over afterward for a small luncheon. We wish family would be able to come, but since we are so far away and James is in school we’ll just have to make do with what blessings we have here. Feels great and so weird at the same time to be a family of four!

 (sleeping with Daddy)

She is just a sweetheart and we love seeing her smile and hearing her coos a bit more lately. She is growing so fast that her feet have already filled the 0-3 month sleeper outfits she has! Hoping the weather warms up enough soon to see her in the other cute outfits for sunny weather.

Well, that’s it for now. See you again next week—in June!


The James Anderson Family 

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  1. You have a wonderful, handsome, smart little boy! And an amazing, cuddly, little sweetheart girl!
    You are so blessed, and are making their Grandma Keel SO happy by sharing!!! Thank you! I love you guys!