Don't Blink!

Time is just zooming by at the speed of light lately with two babies to keep track of. Riley Mae turned 1 month old on Friday and Dean turned 20 months the next day! We learn so much from them and can't believe how blessed we are to be their parents. Dean is of course having to grow up a bit faster now that he's a big brother, and has his rough moments (like throwing more temper tantrums, especially when he's tired, or mommy's feeding Riley), but is such a sweet big brother with the most contagious smile. We just can't believe he will be turning two in four short months. 

(our girl is such a cutie)

 (just look at this cute face!)

(holding her head up so well)

(first walk in her stroller)

Also, we've been a house-hold of sickies. Dean had a pretty bad infection which we finally got taken care of, and then James got it and injured his back (more like re-injured it) in his racquetball class. Poor guy. He finally got a priesthood blessing from a good brother in our ward today though, so we're sure things will get better quickly. Dean is finally back on schedule eating and sleeping, and now we're just trying to keep Riley on a schedule for two days in a row!! She sure is a sweet little girl, but she is on her own schedule for sure. 
 (one month old & smiling in her sleep)

 (look at her cute little outfit!)

 (we love our Riley Mae)


(just being cute with daddy)

Two quick little stories about Dean. 1) We got Dean a bigger Magna-doodle so that he could draw without getting crayon everywhere, and thought it would be a good idea for church also. He is so funny! He'll color in the whole screen with scribbles and then clear it and do it over again. 2) Brittany woke up in the night because she heard a thump like Dean hit his head on something, and then muffled whining...when she got into his room he was making scared whines with a blanket over his head, which he couldn't get off because he was sitting on the ends of it, and was banging his head on his "fish-tank" night light soother thing. Needless to say he went right back to sleep once he was rescued and Brittany laughed herself back to sleep. 

 (exploring spring's new surprises)

 (visiting the neighbor cats)

 (picking flowers for mommy)

("look!" "what's that?")

Also, can't forget to mention that he is officially The James Anderson Family parrot. He will repeat everything he hears, and it is so cute and funny. So far at least! Nothing like having a parrot around to let you know how annoying you are though, we must say the same things all the time! For example, when we stop the cart at the store he'll say "hmmm..." and when he draws a picture he'll say "let's see" before he starts and "you see that?" after he's done. So funny. Many more examples of how much he's sponging up, but those are just a few. 

 ("Oooo, pretty!")

 (we love our sweet Dean Parker)

(couldn't shove the mac n' cheese in there fast enough!)

As a family this week, we created a fun thank you gift for our neighbor (who watched Dean for us while we went to the hospital to deliver Riley) finally! Here are some pictures of that...do you get it? 

Brittany also had fun starting the design of James' grad announcement/party invites for the end of July, and is really excited about them. Hopefully they will be ready enough to share soon. She's been feeling really inspired to do projects lately by a new social network she joined called pinterest. She got the ideas for the thank you gift and the announcement from there and then made them her own. It's been nice to see her creative side again. 

Well, hope you enjoyed the pictures and updates and that you are doing well where you are. 


The James Anderson Family

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  1. Yes! I get the card for the thank you gift...very cute! Also, I love,love,love all the pictures! I miss those little munchkins! And in some of the pics Riley looks so much like you Brittany! Love the stories, and it's about time Rexburg is warming up! Love you guys so very much !