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What better time of year to celebrate a new baby than at Easter? Since Riley was born on Wednesday the 20th, we were blessed to be able to have some family up for the occasion this year. It was so nice! 

Here in Southeastern Idaho all the community Easter egg hunts are on Saturday morning, which allowed us all to enjoy being outside that day and then stay in and spend quality family-time on Sunday. Saturday and Sunday were such nice, sun-shiney days too.  

After missing 3 days of school and 2 days of work, James finally went back to work on Saturday morning. Thankfully, Grandpa and Grandma Keel were here to take Dean on an Easter Egg hunt at our local grocery store and they even got to take pictures with the Easter Bunny. Later on that day Tyler surprised us! He showed up (around the same time James got off work) bearing gifts and able to spend Easter dinner with us the next day before returning to Orem. It was a lot of fun being able to spend time at our neighborhood park with everyone on Saturday to get out of the house for a bit, and then to make Easter ham and potatoes, color Easter eggs, and take family photos on Sunday. 

Please enjoy the following 'photo recap' of events after Wednesday the 20th.

Most of these were taken the day after Riley was born...

With the Keel grandparents and uncles...

An Easter egg hunt with G&G Keel and Uncle Westly...

And finally, Easter Sunday photos, of us as a new family of four... (shout out to Levi for taking such amazing photos! Thank you!)

Hope you enjoyed what we could scrounge up to share, it's been crazy around here. We sure are thankful for our sweet kids, and amazing family to make life worth living from day to day.


The James Anderson Family

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  1. I'm so glad that there are such good pictures to document a wonderful week together, and your beautiful family! What a blessing!