May 2012

Again we are trying to make up for lost time! So many great things going on and now we get to relive them via posting about them. Hope you enjoy all the photos and descriptions as much as we enjoyed the events.

Dean- Potty Training. Need we say more? Haha. We are at a point where we realize he is just going to have to do it when he is ready. After creating a potty chart and other incentives with no real improvement we've resigned ourselves to just encouraging him and trying to allow him to tell us when he's good to go. As you can see below, sitting on the potty is good for all sorts of mischief besides going potty!

 (That is a whole new roll of toilet paper on the floor. Classic right?)

Dean loves to play in the dirt, throw couch cushions on the floor and jump on them, or prop them up against the couch and slide down them, play pretend, and go to the park to swing and go down the slide. He likes to go for rides and to look at the trees, cars, moon, and stars. He likes to play games like red-light, green-light, and ring around the rosy, to sing primary songs and read stories. 

 (This is him smiling for a picture for his Daddy, to send to him at work.)

 (Here he is hiding snug as a bug in a rug. Riley had fun finding him.)

Riley- She's kind of a hard girl to capture in pictures, even though she's great at saying "cheese!" for them, so sorry for the fuzzy pictures. Lately she loves to dress up, like a real girl always does, but then she can stick-up for herself when needed, and get dirty and messy sometimes too. She loves her new pink shoes and loves to follow her big brother around and try to do everything he does. 

 (Super Riley! Yay!)

 (She feel asleep watching TV!)

(Here she is after successfully making her way onto the 
chair with Dean, even though he didn't like it.)

 (Here she is giving Dean the evil eye, right before 
he pushes her off the rocking-chair.)

 (Dressed to the nine's in clippy-rings.)

 (Getting messy with speghetti.)

(And don't you know baby toes are tasty? She thinks they are anyway!)

Joel's 29th Birthday Party- Cinco de Mayo is Uncle Joel's Birthday. Mom Anderson made it so fun this year, with good food, yummy ice cream and cake, laid-back fun, and creative presents. Of course Joel's favorite was his new technology! He also got a few nice T-shirts, and some I-Tunes gift cards to spend. Dean and Riley had a lot of fun running around and playing in the dirt and all the grandkids (and Aunt Janine! Haha.) got to go around the block in Grandpa Anderson's tractor. They loved it!

Mother's Day- For both of our mother's this year, we were able to spend some time scouting for their favorite candies and small gifts we thought they would enjoy. It was fun surprising them with what we chose and spending time with them that weekend. In addition to a B&N gift-card and Jordan almonds, we took Mom & Joel out to dinner and then all went to see The Lorax at the dollar theater in town. Dean and Riley had a good time, so good eating ring pops in fact, that they had to be put right into the bathtub and then to bed when we got home! Here's Dean sporting his bright cherry-red tongue (from sucking on those ring pops) while he's taking a bath.

For Mom Keel we splurged for a new water filter in red that she'd been eyeing and some nice glass pans for baking with red lids. Of course we snagged one of her favorite candies too: good and plenty. As for the dinner, we helped Dad Keel cook lasagna, garlic bread, and make salad as well as cleaning and making the table look really nice to celebrate. Thankfully she was able to make it for dinner after having a traumatic experience earlier that day which landed her in the Emergency Room with a severely sprained ankle. Yikes! We are all grateful it wasn't any worse, and helped her out as much as possible to stay iced, elevated, and wrapped.

As far as for Brittany's Mother's Day, she was surprised with sweet cards and co-ordinating candy from James, Dean, and Riley that they all picked out themselves, had a nice day at church, and James helped make it a nice laid-back day for her. It was wonderful!

Mom Anderson's Birthday- For Mom's birthday we weren't able to celebrate with her the day of, so we grabbed a tasty ice-cream cake on our way over to spend Saturday evening with her that week. We had fun eating, talking, and playing in the back-yard with the kids and dogs. It was a beautiful evening and we had such a nice time.

(Dean sure liked the cake!)

Calling to Primary Secretary- Brittany was released as co-Primary teacher of the Valiant 9 class with James, and asked to serve within the ward as the new Primary Secretary. She will be designing monthly Newsletters, keeping track of roll and attendance reports, and teaching Sharing Time lessons as her main responsibilities. We'll see how that goes with having to chase Riley around until she enters nursery in October! :) She's looking forward to serving closely with the Primary Presidency.

Ariana's Birthday- Dean and Riley's cousin Ariana turned 7 this month. Happy Birthday beautiful! We are sorry we couldn't be there. We hope you liked your gift though, and know that we love you.

A Day at the Mall- We had a lot of errands to do and ended up walking around the mall to get a few of them done. The kids had fun eating at Wetzel Pretzel and riding around in the rental mall cars, since we didn't have strollers for them with us. We had fun driving them around and seeing their cute excited faces.

Memorial Day- For Memorial Day this year James got to go shooting with his Dad, brothers, and brother-in-law for some guy bonding.

Then the Keel Family had some fun at a local park where they hit baseballs and we joined in for awhile, before we had to let the kids play on the play-ground and then go to Janine's for some grub and to spend time with the Anderson Family. We had a nice long, busy day of spending time with family, and the kids were all geared up for baseball season! Go LA Dodgers! Here they are taking turns sporting their uncle's new hat:

Work Out Schedule- We have been using a new app on the android market called Skimble to create a workout routine. It has been really nice being able to put the kids to bed and then do a 15 to 20 minute workout, followed by our regular nightly routine. We can already feel the difference of being alive and energized after only the first month successfully done! Yay for doing what you can with what you have!

Brittany's brothers are into working out too, and have done some creative workouts. Check out their triangle push-ups with James:

Washing Hand-wash Only Items in the Dishwasher is ALWAYS fun! One of the dispensers we bought for Riley's birthday lemonade had a tragic end. So sad...and yet, funny all at the same time. Check out it's incredible transformation!

Using the new Bundt pan-Brittany finally tried out the new pan we bought awhile ago. She made garlic-Parmesan pull-apart bread. It was yummy and looked neat too. Very filling stuff!

And to end the post here are a few cute pictures of Dean and Riley doing various things.

Well, that's a wrap for May. Hopefully we'll have June events posted soon.


The James Anderson Family

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